The tour passes through many rural Karoo areas. Various worthy beneficiaries who reside and/or operate along the route were nominated as such by communities, entrants and the organisers. They were thus offered the opportunity to add value to the tour by helping with the many logistical operations. Activities in this regard include course preparation, bike washing, feed tables, erecting of overnight race villages, catering etc.

The Lormar Endurance policy on community aid is not to issue donations as such, but rather to offer various worthy institutions the opportunity to add value to the event and raise funds (for themselves) at the same time. Lormar Endurance covers any costs that are incurred by these activities and also pays the beneficiaries a fee for their involvement and services. We find that this policy works extremely well. Projects are self-driven and beneficiaries are highly motivated and passionate about the event.

Furthermore entrants book accommodation in the surrounding Karoo areas pre and post the events, generating numerous income avenues to the local towns, guest farms, communities etc.

In addition, the building of permanent race villages had created job opportunities for the neighboring rural people in an area where employment is desperately needed. The projects at Fairview and Nieu Bethesda Sports Club have so far created over 2000 man-days.