Where the sheep trails takes you...


Expect to ride a combination of jeeptracks, district roads to smooth “sheep trail” sections on the 2018 routes. The Tour will start with a 20km ride into the sunset and welcomed to spectacular Karoo night skies. Day 2 is a tough one but definitely the most scenic route of the tour passing the old farm house G.A. Watermeyer grew up in to beautiful dam wall crossings over 56km in total. Day 3 will consist of approximately 56km through neighboring farms only available to ride during Lormar Tours.

There’s also a Lormar Mini category for riders wanting to do shorter distances each day. The Lormar Mini will also start with a 20km ride into the sunset for day 1. Day 2 will consist of an approximately 32km ride followed by day 3 of a +/- 31km ride.